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Learning about Albertosaurus in a newly designed space that allows visitors to connect to ancient fossils and the landscape.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology: The Learning Lounge

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada


Media Planning, Media Design, Art Direction, UX /UI Design, Interactive Media, Immersive Media, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Editing, Copywriting, Sound Design.




The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is regarded as a preeminent internationally renowned dinosaur museum. In 2019, a new addition to the existing building was constructed. It has become a major component to the current visitor footpath through the interior space. It showcases new Albertosaurus dinosaur fossils and research, and simultaneously provides visitors a chance to rest and experience the outdoor environment - particularly the unique hillside structures known as the "hoodoos".

Installation on site
VR Dinosaur Head Interactive
The museum requested an interactive experience highlighting various ancient animals in the Alberta region during the Cretaceous Period.
A large sculpted version of an Albertosaurus head contains a screen within it. By moving the sculpture, one can peruse the ancient landscape left to right, in and out, looking for potential life in the lush and varied ancient landscape.
The Requirements

Exhibit requirements for the design included maintaining the museum footpath while providing visitors respite from museum fatigue. The space required a design that allows visitors to relax, have food, and enjoy the view while simultaneously providing entertainment and education through the media exhibits in the space. Additionally, the space required a design to accommodate various types of visitors, ranging from families to school groups. Finally, it was imperative the exhibit provide accessibility to all visitors.

The exhibit results of our design media for this high profile museum were successful in focusing attention on the incorporation of science with ongoing research with regard to local artifacts of Albertosaurus. Spatial planning was also key, adding a crucial fulcrum to two discreet areas along the footpath through the museum. In designing the media, we found it necessary to provide content tie-ins from one space to the next, and from the interior to the exterior. Our team was able to successfully create a captivating display that kept visitors engaged and excited to learn more about the unique artifacts and history of Albertosaurus.

The Response
The Result

The results for the design and media exhibits have been overwhelmingly positive. Immediately after opening, a surge in popularity was seen, and visitors have been drawn to the immediate access to the unique landscape in which the museum sits. Our media design has given visitors direct access to the landscape and its surroundings, and has directed additional attention to the scientific research at the museum. Through this exhibit, we have been able to successfully create a deeper connection between the museum and its visitors, leading to an increase in visits and positive feedback.



On site shoot 
Meet the Scientists Interactive
Visitors can listen to museum scientists as they discuss the importance of various fossils as they relate to the teeth and brains of Albertosaurus.
Semi-circular case - view at interior
Build Your Own Dino Interactive
While entertaining for a young demographic, key principles of dinosaur physiognomy are presented in this playful yet educational interactive.
A large head may be supported if there is a large tail for balance. Can a large body be supported if the head has small teeth? Only the user can find out as they try to "build" a dinosaur from scratch!
Can your dinosaur walk?
Albertosaurus sarcophagus
Albertosaurus walking
About Albertosaurus
This interactive presents the unique physiognomy of the Albertosaurus - highlighting the torso, the hips and legs, and the tail. The skeleton model is separated into these three distinct components on plinths. Each plinth houses a monitor demonstrating the distinct ways in which this animal breathes, walks and balances itself.
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