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Exploring Delaware's environmental connection to the world in a dramatic new museum redesign.

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science

Wilmington, Delaware, USA


Media Planning, Media Design, Art Direction, UX /UI Design, Interactive Media, Immersive Media, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Editing, Copywriting, Sound Design, Print Design, Print Production.




The Design Foundation is an experienced digital design agency that specializes in transforming content into compelling visual stories. With a focus on user experience, we create memorable brand experiences that engage and educate audiences. The Design Foundation worked on the successful rebrand of The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science, utilizing our deep understanding of media planning and design to create an immersive, interactive and print experience for visitors.

Cretaceous Creatures Interactive
An interactive highlighting Mosasaurus, Nyctosaurus, and Ankylosaurus. Each segment references skeleton equivalents on display in the gallery space.
The Requirements

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science wished to include key artifacts of its existing collection, while incorporating contemporary scientific research regarding local and global climate issues. This meant a complete re-envisioning of the spaces, thematic elements, wayfinding and visitor engagement. With the leadership of RPDI International Architects and The Design Foundation, the museum team determined its new strategy for the institution's new life.

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science wished to incorporate its existing science with contemporary and ongoing research regarding local and global climate issues. With this in mind, the spatial planning design involved dividing the existing space into two discreet areas: one dealing with eco-zones specific to Delaware, the other mirroring similar global eco-zones and patterns. In designing the media, The Design Foundation found it necessary to provide content tie-ins from one space to the next. This presented itself throughout the immersive spaces, the animations, the interactives and the large print murals throughout the museum.

The Response
The Result

The newly rebranded Delaware Museum of Nature & Science has opened with much enthusiasm, with attendance up nearly 20% after opening. Its popularity increased with the addition of the new media installations, including those showcasing scientists in the field. Scientists conducting contemporary research now have an additional forum in which to showcase their current finds, and link it to the content presented in the museum.



Southwest Desert Immersive Experience
Visitors can experience the environment of the Southwest desert and its many life forms throughout the course of one day as they step inside this intimate and immersive space. 
Deep Sea Dive Immersive Experience
An immersive group experience showcasing the movement of a remotely operated vehicle commanded by scientists to explore the ocean depths for new life forms.
The animation depicts the native environment of the canyons off the Delaware coast, and the various plant and animal species found there. Actual specimens that have been retrieved are displayed  below the screens.
Semi-circular case - exterior
Window at exterior 
Semi-circular case - view at interior
Eco-zone Murals
Throughout the museum, the various environmental zones are depicted in large scale photorealistic murals that were generated by The Design Foundation, as well as eight semi-circular display cases which house zone specific dioramas. 
3D digital reconstruction
3D digital reconstruction
3D digital reconstruction
Cretaceous Creatures Interactive
An interactive highlighting Mosasaurus, Nyctosaurus, and Ankylosaurus - animals that existed in the current Delaware region during the Cretaceous Period. Each segment references skeleton equivalents on display in the space, while providing key statistics and information about each animal.
E-Label Interactives
Visitors can discover information about their local environments and how they are connected to global environmental patterns, through interactive stations located at key points in the museum. 
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