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Celebrating Canadian author/historian Pierre Berton, champion of Canadian identity, in a newly renovated historic church.

The Pierre Berton Heritage Center

Kleinberg, Ontario, Canada


Media Planning, Media Design, Art Direction, Motion Design, Interactive Media,  Editing, Copywriting, Sound Design.




The new cultural center in Kleinberg is a tribute to the late Canadian historian and author Pierre Berton. The center is located in the former church of Berton’s hometown, which has been renovated and redesigned to showcase his work and life. Visitors to the cultural center can explore Berton’s biography, his writings, and his contributions to Canadian culture and history. The center also features interactive exhibits, art installations, and other activities to engage visitors and provide a comprehensive learning experience. With its unique blend of history and culture, the Kleinberg cultural center is the perfect destination for anyone looking to gain insight into the life and works of Pierre Berton.

The Requirements

The Design Foundation was requested to design an interactive exhibit of several of Pierre Berton's historical prose - an abbreviated synopsis of five of his works in animated sequences, including a short biography of his life. The immersive interactive experience should accommodate single visitors as well as large groups, and should be able to present alternate media when special events occur in the space. Additionally, accommodations for the hearing impaired must also be included.

Exhibit response for the media design and media was an immersive interactive and engaging experience. The exhibit featured multimedia elements, such as graphics that tied into the exhibit’s visuals, and audio with voice-overs provided by both Pierre Berton’s son and daughter. Furthermore, its proximity to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection makes Kleinberg an ideal cultural destination. Visitors were able to explore the exhibit and learn more about Pierre Berton’s life and legacy.

The Response
The Result

The newly branded heritage center has been highly popular with both locals and visitors alike. After opening, visitor attendance spiked and has continued to draw in large crowds. The exhibit results have been incredibly successful - feedback from visitors have been positive and the center has become a vibrant hub of activity. The center has become a popular destination for people of all ages, offering a variety of activities and experiences. With its success, the center has become a staple of the local community and a must-visit attraction for visitors.



Various book covers
Historic Timeline Interactive
An immersive group experience showcasing major events in Canada's history, including the development of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Battle for Vimy Ridge.
Window at exterior 
Center exterior at right.
Historic Timeline Animations
Animations include: Berton's biography, The battle for Vimy Ridge, The Franklin Mystery, The Klondike Goldrush,  The Canadian Pacific Railway, and the Story of Og (Berton's foray into children's literature).
Window and lighting detail.
Timeline Interactive
A feature wall at the head of the space contains an immersive interactive - a large screen which presents six short movies showcasing Berton's life and several of his historical books, including his foray into children's literature. 
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