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Examining the climate philosophies of  Indigenous nations across Canada and the world, in a timely new documentary series.

Power to the People Documentary Series

Realworld Media, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Art Direction, 3D Animation, 2D Motion Design,  Editing,  Print Design.


Broadcast /



Realworld Media in Vancouver has produced a new broadcast documentary series, featuring Cree host Melina Laboucan Massimo, which explores renewable energy and sustainable living project initiatives by Indigenous communities across Canada and around the world. This series delves into various energy initiatives and their positive impact in local communities and beyond. From revolutionary wind farms to tidal energy initiatives, the host explores the challenges faced, and showcases the benefit these community-led initiatives provide.

The Age of Consequences
Stills and logo mark.
The Requirements

A well-crafted opening sequence can be a powerful way to draw viewers in and communicate a message. When designing the opening sequence for this project, the imagery was carefully chosen to set the tone of the piece, and accompany a script provided by the client. Images pair existing conditions with possible solutions to rectify habitats. By juxtaposing images of the world in distress with images of the world in environmental balance, viewers can be inspired to take action towards a cleaner, healthier world. Creating the right atmosphere with compelling visuals helps to ensure that viewers will be engaged and ready to learn more about rehabilitating our planet.

The design response is one of reverence and respect, with a focus on environmentalism. By incorporating the circle, a sacred symbol to many Indigenous cultures, the opening animation conveys a message of interconnectedness and unity between all living creatures. The inclusion of both images of the earth in crisis and in balance speaks to the duality of our current reality, while also presenting the possibility for a better future. It requests the viewer to take stewardship in the protection of the environment and encourages one to take action.

The Response
The Result

The series proved to be quite popular with a spike in viewership when it aired on APTN in 2020. Its success was further recognized when it was picked up for international distribution and aired on SBS Australia in April 2022, allowing the series to reach an even wider audience. This milestone was a major accomplishment for the series and a testament to the quality and impact of the content. We are incredibly proud of the results and look forward to continuing to create meaningful, entertaining media for our audiences.



Series Opening Sequence Animation
Sample images from the opening animation.
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