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Investigating global Indigenous cultures in the first of a group of documentary series.

Native Planet Documentary Series

Realworld Media, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


3D Modelling, 3D Animation, 2D Motion Design, Editing, Web Design.


Broadcast /



In the fight to protect Mother Earth, the host Simon Baker takes a global journey to native communities passionately defending their way of life against overwhelming environmental threats. From New Zealand to Ecuador, Hawaii to Australia, Native Planet is a six part documentary series that transports the viewer to the front lines of the Indigenous fight to protect the planet. Produced by Canadian company Realworld Media, the series endeavors to examine unique relationships first peoples have with the environment and conflicts they are currently facing. The first season is not afraid to address various threats to the culture - including predatory practices of multinational corporations and complicit involvement of local governments.

Series Branding
The icosehedron becomes part of the series final logo. An additional marker is created with the letters N and P, which incoroporate various imagery. Both are used in print and video incarnations.
The Requirements

The opening sequence attempts to explore the Native outlook on the world and our environment. It  has to introduce our host, Simon Baker and the many locations globally that he will visit. Simultaneously, themes within each episode should appear - issues of conservation, Indigenous threats and community. Timing for the introduction sequence is limited, so the story must be told quickly yet effectively. An original score is created for the sequence.

For the opening, consideration was given to the special relationship Indigenous cultures have with their environment. The circle is a particularly potent symbol in native cultures - it is a sacred symbol representing the interdependance of all forms of life. It is a key symbol in Native spirituality signifying family structure and gatherings of people. In the broad scope of native life, it deals with all things related to life on Earth, the heavenly bodies and the stars of the universe. Understanding this philosophy, we utilized the icosehedron, a three dimensional version of the circle, with special meaning of its own - water as a life form. It opens to reveal Indegenous concerns and philosophies across the globe.

The Response
The Result

Native Planet is a TV and web documentary featured on APTN in Canada, NITV in Australia, FNX in the United States and NativeFlix video on demand. Its popularity has allowed the series to go into its third season of production. We were happy to be part of the initial launch of the series, and are happy for the success it has achieved.



Photography taken by the production team is utilized in the interstitial sequences.
Still from opening
Series Interstitial Animations
As the program breaks to or from commercial, a series of smaller animations occur. These include motion graphics of the logo, and utilize beautiful still photography taken by the production team.
Opening Sequence Animation
The icosehedron is sacred geometry associated with water, the lifespring of all living things on Earth. It is used to convey the strong association Native cultures have with the Earth, and their respect for its being. It is used in the opening sequence to present the overarching themes of the series, while presenting the host and the countries he will be visiting in his journey.
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